How Do Dade County Bail Bonds Work?

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In case a person is arrested in Miami-Dade County, then he is issued a criminal summon to appear before the court for the purpose of arraignment. Thereafter, the booking process takes place in the police station and involves the accused providing his background information. The police check the criminal record of the accused, and also, at this stage take fingerprints as well as photographs of the person.

The person who has been imprisoned has the complete right or absolute right to counsel. If someone cannot afford a bail then he/she can apply for a bail bond. In most cases, the defendant is required to plea by making an appearance before the judge. It is the judge who determines the validity and appropriateness of the bond. Bail is granted only after evaluating various factors such as degree of the committed crime, intent that led to the crime as well as past record.

Bail bonds or specific to this context, Dade County bail bonds come into the scenario when a person does not have enough money to pay for his/her bail. By taking up bail bond services one is able to stay in the comforts of one’s own home. The defendant can be saved from the torture of having to stay imprisoned for a long time, when he/she can spend the time conveniently.

Dade County Bail Bondsman can a post any type of bail bond including immigration bonds, State & County Bonds as well as Federal Bonds. Bail Bond agents from Dade County provide exceptional services 24 hours seven days a week. The process of getting a bail bond gets quickened if you hire the right agent.


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